I've been told I have a wise soul...  So basically I'm a grandma (Amanda :p)... with a young heart. Either Way I love getting advice (even though I rarely take it)... But I love when my friends also ask for it. (even though they hardly take it) So here are some of things I've learned throughout high school and college:

Attitude is everything.     Listen to your mother.        Keep it all in perspective.  

Be perfectly human.                    Live without Regret.          Make a mark.                                                               

Be a good student.  When opportunity knocks, answer.    Wing it if you have to.                                                     

Work hard.            Nerves are normal.              Use Whatever Tools Necessary.     

Let.it.go. if it disappoints.             Be Prepared to Sacrifice.             

Beware the City Life.        Relax.            Eat Well.              Run with the Dogs.                     

Grow Something.               You'll find one TRUE friend.   Don't be too stubborn.                 

Challenge your fears.  Kill with kindness.    Don't fret.     Always.mean.well.      

Laugh it off.                     Try to be creative.            Get plenty of Vitamin C.                

.Be a Realist.                          Love.                 Be Willing to get Hurt.               

When Flirting, Be Subtle.                    Mind the Male Ego.                Family.                   

Know When to Walk Away.         Know What to Look For.    Listen to ((yourself))

Mute the words- watch actions.         IF you care-shut up and prove it.                            

Believe in Miracles."

"I h☮pe she'll be a fool - that's the best thing a girl can be in this w☮rld, a beautiful little fool."


  1. I feel so inspired by this post! All your quotes are so familiar and I can really relate to them. Although I'm not sure about the willing to get hurt part, I've been hurt too much by people who I love, so I don't really give my trust away. xoxoxoxo

  2. Aww thank you! That means a lot to me. I love your site too! Check it all the time. Just be willing to take risks..maybe I'll change that. :) Thanks for the input!


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