I put up some of my interviews from the Summer. Clearly I didn't know what I was doing at first. As I went along I got a little better or less nervous. I've hopefully kicked it up a notch since these but here's a tiny taste of my life this past summer: 

My Job was to ask the players what it felt like to be playing at Wrigley. They were mostly speechless but so excited. Obviously I seem to be just as nervous as they are....
Need to work on: Being more comfortable and conversational. Asking better and different questions. And pulling more personality of each of each of their interviews. 

Duncan Keith- This was a little later on in the Summer... so hopefully I seem a little more comfortable. I tried to work on asking a question but when I wasn't getting the answer I wanted-- to change my structure but still asking the same question. Clearly I need work there. 

And my stand up was my first ever- so bad I thought about not posting... but thanks Mom for putting that up there. Hope it gets good laughs.


I just decided to add this: Here are some terrible....insanely bad....BLOOPERS.
Holy hold with two hands.. yiikkes



I've been told I have a wise soul...  So basically I'm a grandma (Amanda :p)... with a young heart. Either Way I love getting advice (even though I rarely take it)... But I love when my friends also ask for it. (even though they hardly take it) So here are some of things I've learned throughout high school and college:

Attitude is everything.     Listen to your mother.        Keep it all in perspective.  

Be perfectly human.                    Live without Regret.          Make a mark.                                                               

Be a good student.  When opportunity knocks, answer.    Wing it if you have to.                                                     

Work hard.            Nerves are normal.              Use Whatever Tools Necessary.     

Let.it.go. if it disappoints.             Be Prepared to Sacrifice.             

Beware the City Life.        Relax.            Eat Well.              Run with the Dogs.                     

Grow Something.               You'll find one TRUE friend.   Don't be too stubborn.                 

Challenge your fears.  Kill with kindness.    Don't fret.     Always.mean.well.      

Laugh it off.                     Try to be creative.            Get plenty of Vitamin C.                

.Be a Realist.                          Love.                 Be Willing to get Hurt.               

When Flirting, Be Subtle.                    Mind the Male Ego.                Family.                   

Know When to Walk Away.         Know What to Look For.    Listen to ((yourself))

Mute the words- watch actions.         IF you care-shut up and prove it.                            

Believe in Miracles."

"I h☮pe she'll be a fool - that's the best thing a girl can be in this w☮rld, a beautiful little fool."



Exposing the Mid Midriff



Olivia Palermo

Louie Louie....yep- bag it up



Rappelez-vous maintenant? 
(Remember Now) By Karl Lagerfeld.

it is love.



Happy Things of Right Now::
The fall air, beautiful mornings, pink lipstick, sparkling morning grass, big cozy couches, Polaroid, weekend road trips, my friends spontaneous personalities, fire places, big blankets, booties, butt warmers, holiday movies, and days doing nothing but taking it all in::

LANVIN FOR H&M:: Collection compl├Ęte


The Journal-News.com reports: 
"When Will Weber’s blood began to stain the ice at Steve Cady Arena last Saturday night, the calmest person in the place might have been Will Weber.
“If I was seeing somebody else go through it, I’d probably be more scared,” said the Miami University junior defenseman, who is recovering from a serious laceration to his neck — 
one that required 100 stitches and 15 staples.

He underwent surgery at University Hospital in Cincinnati to repair a sliced (but not severed) artery and now is back on campus.
The puck got wrapped around (the Miami goal),” Weber remembered. “I was just trying to poke it out of the zone and hit him (the Northern Michigan player) and I fell down and we both bounced off the boards, and I think he tried to keep himself up a little bit by holding onto the dasher (board) there and his fall was a little bit delayed behind mine. His back was up against the boards and (his skate) came right down.
“At first I thought I just got hit in the head pretty good,” he said. “I was down on all fours, just kind of looking at the ice, and then the kid said, ‘Are you alright?’
Usually if you hit someone you don’t ask them that. 

I guess he immediately saw the blood coming out. I reached for my neck and there was blood on my fingers, and I got up and the blood started coming out pretty good.
“It was like, alright, I’d better skate over to the bench,” Weber said. “I was thinking, man, this could be the real deal here, you know, this could be it. Luckily I was able to stay calm and keep my hand (on the wound). I was thinking as long as I don’t get light-headed I’ll be able to hold it there. I skated over to Jason Eckerle, the athletic trainer.”
Then Weber took his hand away from his neck.
“Blood started coming out,” he said. “Jason saw that the main artery wasn’t completely cut because otherwise the blood would have been shooting out pretty good. He just knew he had to put pressure on it. We walked right through the locker room back through the tunnel where the paramedics were. The process of getting me into the ambulance was pretty quick, they took me over to (McCullough-Hyde Hospital) and they called air lift to Cincinnati.
Despite his close call, Weber said he is more frustrated than anything else.
“I want to be playing right now,” he said. “We’ll see what the doctors say Friday. They’ll give me a better timetable. 
But I’ll go crazy if I have to sit out two or three weeks.”

to read more click here: Journal-News.Com
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