I put up some of my interviews from the Summer. Clearly I didn't know what I was doing at first. As I went along I got a little better or less nervous. I've hopefully kicked it up a notch since these but here's a tiny taste of my life this past summer: 

My Job was to ask the players what it felt like to be playing at Wrigley. They were mostly speechless but so excited. Obviously I seem to be just as nervous as they are....
Need to work on: Being more comfortable and conversational. Asking better and different questions. And pulling more personality of each of each of their interviews. 

Duncan Keith- This was a little later on in the Summer... so hopefully I seem a little more comfortable. I tried to work on asking a question but when I wasn't getting the answer I wanted-- to change my structure but still asking the same question. Clearly I need work there. 

And my stand up was my first ever- so bad I thought about not posting... but thanks Mom for putting that up there. Hope it gets good laughs.


I just decided to add this: Here are some terrible....insanely bad....BLOOPERS.
Holy hold with two hands.. yiikkes

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