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On a campus like Miami University with around 15,000 students there's a good chance that if students never knew or heard of the name Brendan Burke before, they probably have by now.
On February 6, 2010 if a student logged on their school website they saw a posted notification from the University. It stated...
"Brendan Burke, 21, of Canton Mass., died Friday, Feb 5, (2010) following a car accident in Indiana. Brendan was a senior political science major and French minor at Miami, a student manager of the hockey team and an officer with the College Democrats..."

The Miami hockey team took it upon themselves to spread a legacy:

In honor of Burke the team took the ice on Feb 5, 2011 against Michigan with a touch of something special.

There is an honor among the men of Miami's team. There's a backbone that binds them, The Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is more than a branding stamp for this team. The Brotherhood is not just a nucleus of talent. It's a deep-rooted groove of respect, loyalty and protection they carry for each other, as well as the ones they love and who love them. It is easy to see why Burke and the team banded together.
RIP Brendan Burke

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