Snagged this from the HuffingtonPost.com. 
You can see the bat going for his chest..

Epoch Times Reported:

"Tyler Colvin, a rookie outfielder for the Chicago Cubs suffered a freak accident during Sunday’s game against the Florida Marlins, 

where a bat splintered and one of the pieces struck him as he was running.

Colvin was sprinting from third base to home in the second inning when a sharp piece from a broken bat flew up and stabbed him in the chest just a few inches from his heart, according to video footage of the game.

The New England Sports Network reports 
that the piece punctured his chest near the collarbone region, Causing air to enter into his chest. 

He was able to touch home plate but was then immediately taken to the hospital. 

Doctors say that he had a collapsed lung and will miss the rest of the season. He is reported to be in stable condition.

The Cubs won the game 13–3 over the Marlins."

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