I know when other countries started to use professional athletes in the Olympics that is probably what dictated us to call on the professionals too. 
I'm probably way off base here-- but I don't know if there's anything more special than taking a bunch of young athletes mixing them up and making some magic. The 1980 USA team were a bunch of amateur college boys (amateur compared to the Soviets) who had not played all together for years like the Soviets had. The Sovs won the gold medal every year since 1964. That being said...these college guys shocked the world when they defeated the Sovs at Lake Placid in 1980.

I will always wonder and don't really know if I'll truly ever understand why we use professional athletes in the Olympics. 

I think this is a definite .moment. in history that gave everyone something to believe in. 

When my brothers were younger my parents would pile us up in the car and we would go to a Blackhawks game (obviously). During intermission their teams set it up that they would get to go out on the ice and play a mini game. Honestly, I think when they're out there in front of 1000s of people they want it so bad. They know this opportunity doesn't come all the time. They not only want to shoot and score but they really want to win. They want to hear fans scream and get excited for them. I don't know but this USA team reminds me a lot those little tykes out there. They know the opportunities are limited and not guaranteed. They have to go out there knowing they have a short time to make something magical happen.

Young, not- as- experienced athletes have to want that. The chances for that sort of rush were rare... but now it's not even a possibility. (dumb) If we had them participating in the Olympics--I'm not saying they want the win more... but those kinds of moments--chances to make history don't come for them all the time and we could be missing out. These guys with fresh legs and young hearts really could do something special like it's been done before...to make a miracle.

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