Almost time for the extra blanket on your bed...

"There is a time of year...when even before the first leaf falls you can feel the seasons click. The air is crisp, summer is gone, and for the first time you need a blanket on your bed... it can bring up other needs as well..."- Carrie Bradshaw

It's almost football season. I love this video... 

It's safe to say I grew up in a rink because of my two brothers. I blame them for making me lead a very abnormal childhood. My only friends were the siblings of other teammates. Hated the 5:30am practices and traveling every weekend. I grew up knowing the names of the concession stand people and basically Jerry (who sharpened my brothers skates) was an uncle to me. My first love is definitely hockey because of those two special humans. 


there is something about high school football games, stands filled with friends, hallways decked with spirit, that fresh. cold. air. green. grass, and those big Friday night lights 

...that gets me every time. 

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