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The HockeyWriters.Com wrote a debatable article about the two young stellar players. To read the entire article check out their website. 

Otherwise here's the GIST:

Category One: Offensive Skill
Winner: Even

Kane seems to be a more adept passer than Toews, but Jonathan has shown a propensity to score power play goals (as evidenced by his three power play goal hat trick against Pittsburgh in February) and his presence in front of the goal also wreaks havoc.
Kane moves better with the puck, and he also is able to evade more checks with his smaller stature. Toews is also great on face-offs (which you have to be to be considered an elite center) and he also digs into corners for loose pucks in the offensive zone better than virtually any forward on the team.

This category has to be considered a wash.

Toews’ scoring more goals in 16 fewer games.
Kane notching considerably more assists. 
Toews’ face-off prowess.
 Kane’s speed also cancel out in terms of creating plays for their teams.

Category 2: Defensive Skill
Advantage: Toews

Here is how the two players’ stat lines break down defensively after two years in the league:
Toews: 39 blocked shots, 83 takeaways, 70 hits, +23
Kane: 16 blocked shots, 72 takeaways, 35 hits, -7
 Toews shows a clear propensity for blocking shots, which helps keep the goalie from having to fight off every shot, and also enables possible breaks the other way.
Kane had a 20 takeaway advantage going into this season, it becomes a little less close.
 The 2008-09 season provided a swing of 31 takeaways in favor of Toews.
Toews also got double the hits of Kane, which shouldn’t surprise anyone given how different their games truly are. 
 The two played on the same line, is huge:

Toews being the better defensive player. 
Kane may be just as good at creating turnovers and opportunities for the Hawks that way, but Toews is clearly better at doing the intangibles like blocking shots and hitting guys in the corners that translates into that +30 advantage.

Category 3: Marketability
Advantage: Kane

They both seem to have that certain aura about them (I call it youthful exuberance). 
Kane is slightly more marketable, simply because he strikes me more as having a more “matinee idol” look, and he also appeals more to the women in my life according to an informal poll conducted today.

Category 4: Intangibles
Advantage: Toews

There is a one-word answer as to why . Toews wins this category: leadership
Anybody who can get voted the captain of one of the most storied franchises in the history of the game at the age of 20, then he is definitely worth his salt.
Kane may have the edge in speed, but Toews more than makes up for that with his intensity, willingness to take the fight to the other team, and he takes that “C” on his chest very seriously.
Toews also has the bigger body type that is required to be somebody not easily forced off the puck, and he takes full advantage of his size, especially when near the crease. Clear advantage here to Toews.

And the Winner Is…………….

Jonathan Toews wins this battle of the young Chicago stars. While Kane has some fantastic potential to be a great offensive force, scoring 30-35 goals a year and dishing out 65-70 assists, Toews will be the better all-around player.
He fits the Jarome Iginla type of player more. He is a scorer who can also play physical, and his leadership abilities often come out in the most difficult situations. Toews can take over a game, and if he can continue to show that intensity and clutch performance, he will most certainly be the face of the Hawks for years to come.

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