New air always makes me think of is a time of possibilities.

The first time I wrote about the seasons changing it was senior year of college. And although a lot has changed since--it makes me feel good to know that so much hasn't as well.

You can change rooms, homes, locations, occupations, cities, etc... but there are small signs of familiarity nestled in the nooks and cracks of our bones. And once in awhile they remind us of something/someone that is different but still the same.

Lately, I've been getting caught. I'll be walking and all of a sudden a breeze will whistle through the air. I can smell that same smell that I've known and loved sense I could think back. The quite hum of seasons shifting. It's only August in New York, and the intense humidity is still infecting our once straight hair. But when I get a hint of it--  I can't help but smile. I remind myself of going back to school. Running around campus-- seeing everyong I missed for the summer. Sweating out cocktail and making laps at the bars I had history with. I remember football seasons and banners lining up High Street. Sylabus week. Class crushes. New faces. Old faces.

High school in the fall was the same way. The leaves would change and all of a sudden, things were romantized. It was strangely cliched and unnervingly true. We rode around in cars with the windows down, screaming the summer songs that were over played. We would kiss our glows goodbye and bring in the bottom half to our pants.

I walk around New York. I see little kids hold their parents hands. They dance on the sidewalks and glitter with excitement over an ice cream cone. But i love that my excitement over the possibilities of a new season can match there still. They have more than half their lives ahead of them. We have more than half our lives a head of us. It's great to know that some of the best days of our lives haven't even begun yet. The end of summer is approaching. Fall is in the air. Happy New Beginnings.

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