I don't know if it's luck or that my small ears (thanks mommma) have the napoleon complex, causing them to act more like satellite dishes than antennas. This over aggressiveness has led me to come across people saying fantastic things.
Like any good, romantic, and predictable Nicholas Sparks' movie I like to believe sometimes I was meant to hear it. 
Being like any other normal girl....I tell my girlfriends basically everything they need to know. But once in awhile, I want that one piece of advice or wisdom that couldn't come from anyone but Buddha or the Dalai Lama. But since my two dishes don't have that sort of frequency... and my friends and I gave up on  relaying on answers from the possibility of fate, chance and the radio station in high school...
Sometimes the next best thing is from the stranger who didn't realize that's exactly what I needed to hear. I write some of them down when they're things I know I probably wont hear again but should think about often. But Now...I decided to post some of them every few  days or weeks here. Because sometimes stumbling across words of enlightenment or challenge are just what we needed to hear or see for a sense of satisfaction or evaluation. 

{[“Absence Is To Love, What The Wind Is To Fire, When It’s a Small Fire The Wind Kills It But When It’s a Real Fire It Intensifies It”-DVF

"It's Better Not To Know Sometimes..." -my friend's mom

"The Trick Is To Enjoy Life. Don't Wish Your Days Waiting For Better Ones Ahead." -grandma

"Everything has beauty, if you don't see that we have bigger issues..."- Professor

"Young Hearts are wise. They fall in love with everything. Good For Them."- Heard This

"Say Less, Mean More." -mom

God sometimes removes a person from your life for your protection. Don’t run after them.- Rick Warren

Never Believe a girl when she says she doesn't care.- friend

"Personal Letters Should Always Be Handwritten." - friend

"Give Laugh to all but smile to one. Give love to all but heart to one. Give life to all but live for one."- read this]}

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