I know it's been forever since my last post.... I gave myself a little bit of time to rot away after graduation. My adrenaline source finally decompressed and I dug a cozy little nest in the family room cave; Blankets- check, jammies- check, blackout shades drawn- check check. 

I decided to numb and ignore reality's truth that college was done and my people are completely scattered around in every state besides Chicago. So basically... I clung my body to the obese arm chair that engulfs you like a flubby tummy hiding the remote. My new hangout sometimes transformed into my office, bed, and sometimes table. 

 July I'll be writing again thanks to some of my friends who have started to get on my case about my sudden case of nub hands; and my mother who thinks my TiVo takeover of Dr. Oz, Sex and The City and Glee is potentially dangerous to my relationship with the men of the house, as well as my tendency to be a hypochondriac. Not to mention my personal remix and mashups of show tunes hums could potentially cause my brothers (already short fused) to become confused. And like any "innocent" and confused senior citizen, accidentally hit the delete button on the remote. 

SO, like any good crazy ex--I'M BACK. 

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