The Thing I've kinda been obsessed with:

Before I decided to change routes and attend Miami University... I was all set up to go to The University of Alabama. I visited the crimson land for a weekend during the school year and briefly met this up and comer, Mary Catherine Moody. She was a year older and in a sorority of girls that took a northerner like me-- in like family for a weekend. If she doesn't knock ya out first with her beauty take a look at what she's got going for her. 
I'm Gaga over everything she writes, designs, creates and posts.

(uh-huh self made for Halloween--no biggie)
When I first started to read her MCM blog (which is no longer available) I could tell straight up she was one of those people who has so much passion for their work. She had posted a few of her interviews where she explained how she got started; programs she used;  awards she won; and the amount of time she clocked in. Everything from her writing to her photos I knew I was going to be hooked.

And if I wasn't even more worthless...She and a former classmate Brent Johnson, joined forces and really ruined my life with:

I log way too many hours reading, admiring, and basically stalking their progress. 

"Southern natives Mary Catherine Moody and Brent Johnson met at The University of Alabama where they both graduated with a B.S. in Apparel and Textile Design. While in college, both Moody and Johnson were inspired by classic pieces that could withstand the test of time. Brent's skills of modern tailoring mixed with Mary's embellishment techniques began the partnership of the luxury womenswear brand Aman Stovall... Luxurious Italian fabrications, couture sewing techniques, and modern influences define the Aman Stovall collection and embody today's classic woman."
To me their clothes are so classy and elegant. You can see the material and fabric  are chosen to be timeless.
 That aubergine dress is so stunning. The fabric looks bea-u-tiful. 
Their line will soon be available in select high-end boutiques throughout the southeast... but I have a feeling their design and passion will carry them to further areas someday...

Pictures are credited to: AmanStovall.Com and Facebook.

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