I use to be afraid of so many things. I’ve always been worried I wont be able to figure me all out. I’m afraid of feeling trapped. I’m afraid that my dreams would forever be shy of my reach. 
 I never quite knew what I wanted to do, but I always knew the kind of little lady I wanted to be. This may make sense when your ready… but time is no man’s friend. Remember that time you were dreaming of the age you are now?
photo credit:: weliveyoung

Here is what I would say to my little girl: relax, lighten up, laugh when something makes you mad or confused. It will all be ok.

 Meeting people just.like.you probably wont happen but when you find love mirrored back, hook them in. Their company will make you grow and help define you. If your standing next to someone and your gut screams... no matter where you are, listen it it-- there are too many mediocre things...the potential of those types of moments will be regretted if ignored. 

Be creative, it takes courage but it gives people the bravery to be as well. 
Even in the most conscience of times mistakes are made. Someone you cared for will teach you a hard lesson... a mean way. Never prejudge any.one. before you meet them-- despite what you’ve heard. People hold grudges for all kinds of odd and selfish reasons.
 Your life will change: homes to dorms, dorms to houses, houses to apartments. Etc.. your life will change. Give proper goodbyes. Don’t miss the moments. Try and remember the scents, feelings and songs on the first day of school and the last week.

 Let the memories pour over you so that they’re strong. Strong memories are like accessorize to any good outfit. 

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